Arthur (inner_salvation) wrote,


One of my "resolutions" this year was to get back into acting.  I knew I was going to have a production for the church's Living Last Supper that we do every three years, but I wanted to do something new.  I had figured I'd do an audition for a local theater company or shoot a friend of mine an email to see if he needed any free help doing the narrations for whatever PWCS media project they have him working on.  Nothing solid yet, just some ideas that I was going to go out and do, probably around February, giving 2011 time to settle a little before I shook things up.

Well, I got an email today from a director friend who's working with a local theater group asking me to audition for a role in a production.  I'm interested in going for it, but I've got to clear some dates with the wifey before I commit to the director.  I will also have to learn a good southern twang for the audition and a song I've never heard of (which I will also have to sing in said accent) for the Sunday.  Luckily they're just doing cold readings, but since this is the call-backs most everyone will be familiar with the script and song, so I've got a little work to do.  I'm excited though, which is cool.

So, yeah.  Never had a resolution jump at me like this before, which is pretty cool.  We'll see if any others take form as quickly or brazenly.
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