Arthur (inner_salvation) wrote,

Update Shmupdate

Grandpa is deteriorating slowly and I’m not sure how much longer he’ll be around. My biggest fear is that he’ll be hooked up to a machine keeping him alive. I hope he’s ready to go, if he does, but I’d be happy to have him miraculously bounce back to his old codgery ways. His stomach doctor released him, but he’s still having issues and his heart doctor was furious with his stomach doctor because he shouldn’t be released. We’re kind of resigned to his passing, but if certain organs shut down before others, he could be stuck on life support for awhile. I may be heading up to Indiana this weekend to visit with him before he looses his mental faculties…he came down to visit us over the holiday break, but that really isn’t the same as me going up to visit him.

Uh…I’m still over at my parents’ and I may be moving back in tonight…we’ll see. 

I started my taxes and we just need to recover a receipt for the water heater and I can be done with those. We’ll be getting enough back to pay-off the credit cards, get little David a bed, replace our front door, and still put a bit into savings…I think. It is kind of ridiculous, but it is something to look forward to. One thing that I’m curious about: I seem to be getting back more than I put in…and that seems wrong to me.

Weekend was good, but I seem to have contracted some sort of sinus infection, which is great because it isn’t contagious, but sucks because it is a sinus infection.

I saw Legion on Friday and enjoyed it. I got what was promised: Paul Bettany wielding machine guns. I also really liked Dennis Quaid and felt like it was a treat every time he was on-screen. There was something about his pissed-at-life-half-crazed-curmudgeoning that I really enjoyed; possibly because I’m used to him having a campy-family-movie persona. I laughed a lot and, I think, enjoyed the movie as it was intended to be.

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