Arthur (inner_salvation) wrote,

Weekend, Number 6, and Grandpa

While I ended the weekend more tired than when I started it, I found it completely restorative.

Friday night saw 18 shots of Bourbon and a movie in with Kira and Izzy.  Awesome.

Saturday went by smoothly.  I did laundry and had some good quality time with David and Asher.  Kira and I then jumped over to Spikerbase for psychicmayhem 's Cthulhu Live! game.  I wasn't nearly as successful as I would have liked to have been, but things could have probably gone worse.  In any case, I had a blast.  Thank you, Stu-Stu.

After the game, I went over to my parents' house to spend the night because I had to sing at their church at both services and be at the church at a knee-quivering early time.  I crashed on the couch (after washing the black spray out of my hair, OMG), but was woken up before my alarm went off by the house phone.
As it turns out, Grandpa was being taken to the emergency room because he wasn't doing well.  He was finally diagnosed with a blocked colon which had, apparently, been a problem for two years (which I would think would kill you just because of all the toxins hanging out in there).  They are now pumping his stomach to move stuff out of him...hoping that will work because the only other option is surgery...and he's 98.
I figure if he's ready to go, he'll die, but he's stubborn enough to stick around, if that is what he wants.  I'm just worried about my Mom and aunt.  We'll see, though. My grandpa is pretty awesome, though, he was "charming the nurses" when they brought him into the ER on Sunday...unfortunately now, he seems to not be remembering why he is in the hospital and all the pain he was in on Saturday and memory issues have never been an issue with him.

My parents drove out to be with him and left me to take care of the house, the dogs, and my 18 year old brother while they're gone.  So for the rest of the week, I've moved in.  I think Izzy and the kids will be joining me at some point (either this evening or tomorrow).  Mom also put my other brother, David, and me in charge of directing the youth choir while she was gone, which was fun.  My voice was so tired, though, because all of these kids are in elementary school, so they all sing Soprano.  While singing along with them, I was exclusively using my falsetto the entire time (otherwise, they have a tendency of trying to sing in my Bass range).  It was fun, I won't lie, but I wouldn't look forward to doing it every week.

I hung out with the Sunday crew later on Sunday and made Super Mario Bros. sounds as I gyrated.  I also pointed at it.  We just hung-out and goofed off, which was fun.  I almost fell asleep on their couch, too, but I made it out of there and back to my parents' house. 

I was, however, prevented from going to sleep because the dogs refused to go upstairs while Jon was taking bong hits in the bathroom.  He either just doesn't care, or thinks everyone is an idiot...that bathroom wreaks of tepid bong water; we know what you are doing.  Anyway, when he finished and was cleaning up, the dogs came upstairs and I was able to go to sleep.  I now will have the distinct pleasure of dismantling his gravity bong and throwing out with the trash (thanks for that directive, Mom).

Jon's habits wouldn't be such a problem if he didn't revolve his entire day around it.  Go out, go to a party and take a hit, sure...but spending 2-3 hours in the bathroom, twice a day, is a bit excessive.  Dude also had $150 of pot confiscated from him and flushed down the toilet by Mom and Dad and was trying to tell me that buying it in bulk was a better deal.  Not at the rate of attrition, dumbass.  He then had the gaul to ask Mom for cash so he could buy some razors shaving. 

I'd be upset at him for it, but Mom gave him the money.

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I'd be pissed at Jon too. *sigh* At least once your parents get back it won't have to be your problem anymore.