Arthur (inner_salvation) wrote,

Zombie Knowledge and Christmas

Aeris – Zombies come and get ya and kill ya.
Me – (a little shocked) Ah, ok. Anything else you want to tell me about zombies?
Aeris – You can shoot them and kill them.
Me – (testing her zombie knowledge) Where do you shoot them?
Aeris – Well, when you see them that’s where you shoot them.

Aeris - Be careful of corners, Mommy.  Zombies like to hide there.  In the dark.

Christmas was enjoyable, although I didn't spend enough time at home, so my house is kind of a wreck.  Dirty dishes, mail, laundry, toys, etc.  Last night was trash night, and I hauled a bunch of crap out to the curb, so that was nice (never thought I'd think that).

The four things I'm most excited about receiving this year are:

-This sweet-ass guitar shirt from Fred and Tara.  I need to learn how to play something on it...seriously.  Thank you, guys.
-A carbonator.  It turns tap water into bubble water.  I use it, pretty much, every day and have plans to try and carbonate juice, iced tea, and chocolate milk (don't try and tell me it won't be delicious).  I received a bunch of soda syrups for it, too, but I prefer just sparkling water to soda stuff...or just pouring a bit of juice in it.  I also enjoy making Italian sodas with Torani syrups (which World Market sells for fairly cheap).
-A hoodie from a Hungarian clothing designer.  My Mom and I found a booth in Occoquan selling their wares and we really enjoyed the products.  She bought a purse and purchased a hoodie for me.  They go around taking photographs (mostly in Europe) and then silk-screen them onto clothing and they look so cool.
-A bracelet similar to this.  I bought it at a craft show and gave it to Izzy to give to me for Christmas.

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