Arthur (inner_salvation) wrote,

L5R Cards I'd Like

Mostly for Blake (and myself), as he requested it (it is long, so choose whatever you feel like off of it, if you feel so inclined), but if any others be interested, here's what I'm looking for in no particular order:

Laying in Wait x1
Ambush x3
Taoist Archer x3
Oyumi x2
Festival of Drifting Souls x1
Yoritomo Iwata x3
Yoritomo Iwata exp x1
Yoritomo Kurei x2
Yoritomo Sunagawa x2
Ronin Brotherhood x2
Ruthless Advance x3
Unpredictable Strategy x3
Limbs of Fudo x1
Tsuruchi Suzuki x3
Moshi Enju x3
Seppun Blade x3
Kami Unleashed x2
Dance of Flames x3
Kitsuki Umibe x3
Mirumoto Eikaru x3
Tamori Shaiko x3
Togashi Sho x3
Tower of Ningyo x1
Oni-Daikyu x2

The list is longer than I anticipated, but at least I have it down so I know what I still want.
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