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Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Subject:The Future!
Time:1:32 pm.
Writing this from my phone. LOL!
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Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Time:2:28 pm.
One of my "resolutions" this year was to get back into acting.  I knew I was going to have a production for the church's Living Last Supper that we do every three years, but I wanted to do something new.  I had figured I'd do an audition for a local theater company or shoot a friend of mine an email to see if he needed any free help doing the narrations for whatever PWCS media project they have him working on.  Nothing solid yet, just some ideas that I was going to go out and do, probably around February, giving 2011 time to settle a little before I shook things up.

Well, I got an email today from a director friend who's working with a local theater group asking me to audition for a role in a production.  I'm interested in going for it, but I've got to clear some dates with the wifey before I commit to the director.  I will also have to learn a good southern twang for the audition and a song I've never heard of (which I will also have to sing in said accent) for the audition...by Sunday.  Luckily they're just doing cold readings, but since this is the call-backs most everyone will be familiar with the script and song, so I've got a little work to do.  I'm excited though, which is cool.

So, yeah.  Never had a resolution jump at me like this before, which is pretty cool.  We'll see if any others take form as quickly or brazenly.
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Monday, June 14th, 2010

Subject:Avalon Stuff
Time:6:12 pm.
I thought I would never get a Facebook, but I did, and now I never post stuff here.  I think it is customary to bitch about stuff that happens on FB on LJ.

So, I friended a bunch of people that I don't really talk to on a regular basis on FB: old classmates, former thespians, family members, family friends, and a shit-ton of Avalonians.

I got a message today from one:

"hey tim wanted me to...."Collapse )

I sent this back to him:

"I've moved three times...."Collapse )

Have players asked similar questions before?  Yes, and one staff member under the guise of hating on Avalon (I think he still staffs for them).  My answer has always pretty much been the same (I don't have time for it) and the questions have always started with the same "Tim wanted me to..." entry line.  I always feel a little insulted that Tim used friendships I have had to try and get something from me and not just send the message himself.  Do I feel bad about having some of the props that I do?  Not really.  Someone put a lot of effort into making them and I feel bad that they are stuffed into a random box instead of being used.  However, I also put a lot of effort and money into that game.  The things I have, I worked for and earned. 

Another way to look at it is this: Instead of being in a band, I joined the Iron Gauntlet; instead of a college diploma, I have the Shaine Tome; I paid them dollars and now I have a bag full of fake gold.  Give and take baby...um and om.  Priorities change, and mine no longer lie with the game that allowed me to escape into a magical world for a weekend; one that gave me the family and friends I adore, and I'm ok with that...I think they should be, too.
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Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Subject:Off to Indiana
Time:10:33 am.
My Grandfather passed away on Sunday and so I will be leaving tomorrow with the family to start the trek up to Indiana.  We'll probably return anywhere from Monday to Wednesday of next week.
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Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Subject:A Couple of Things
Time:11:58 am.

I’m leaving tomorrow to head up to Indiana with my Dad to check on Grandpa and bring Mom back home. We’ll return on Friday and I plan on going into work on Saturday to make up some of the time. It will be good to see him and some of my other family who I never see.

My fridge has started making noise when the compressor/fan/whatever turns off. So we’re looking at getting a new fridge. Exciting!

My Dad bought a new TV which is awesome, because it means I get the old TV…and by old TV, I mean a 1080p CRT Sony flat screen (which isn’t old at all, just outdated by newer LCD/plasma/LED technology). I think it is 40 inches, maybe a little bigger…whatever, I’m excited. The thing is a pig, though…it weighs around the 250 lb mark and has precious little in the way of handles. I’m thinking of going and getting something on Blu-Ray to watch on it tonight as I pack to leave.

Uh…my boss is handing me things that she normally takes care of which probably means something. Hopefully good things and not that she thinks I’m not busy…because I totally am.

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Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Subject:Update Shmupdate
Time:12:52 pm.

Grandpa is deteriorating slowly and I’m not sure how much longer he’ll be around. My biggest fear is that he’ll be hooked up to a machine keeping him alive. I hope he’s ready to go, if he does, but I’d be happy to have him miraculously bounce back to his old codgery ways. His stomach doctor released him, but he’s still having issues and his heart doctor was furious with his stomach doctor because he shouldn’t be released. We’re kind of resigned to his passing, but if certain organs shut down before others, he could be stuck on life support for awhile. I may be heading up to Indiana this weekend to visit with him before he looses his mental faculties…he came down to visit us over the holiday break, but that really isn’t the same as me going up to visit him.

Uh…I’m still over at my parents’ and I may be moving back in tonight…we’ll see. 

I started my taxes and we just need to recover a receipt for the water heater and I can be done with those. We’ll be getting enough back to pay-off the credit cards, get little David a bed, replace our front door, and still put a bit into savings…I think. It is kind of ridiculous, but it is something to look forward to. One thing that I’m curious about: I seem to be getting back more than I put in…and that seems wrong to me.

Weekend was good, but I seem to have contracted some sort of sinus infection, which is great because it isn’t contagious, but sucks because it is a sinus infection.

I saw Legion on Friday and enjoyed it. I got what was promised: Paul Bettany wielding machine guns. I also really liked Dennis Quaid and felt like it was a treat every time he was on-screen. There was something about his pissed-at-life-half-crazed-curmudgeoning that I really enjoyed; possibly because I’m used to him having a campy-family-movie persona. I laughed a lot and, I think, enjoyed the movie as it was intended to be.

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Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Subject:Harbinger Boosters
Time:1:25 pm.
Interested parties may note that the boxes of boosters have arrived.  I'll get yours to you when next we meet.
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Monday, January 18th, 2010

Subject:Weekend, Number 6, and Grandpa
Time:4:55 pm.

While I ended the weekend more tired than when I started it, I found it completely restorative.

Friday night saw 18 shots of Bourbon and a movie in with Kira and Izzy.  Awesome.

Saturday went by smoothly.  I did laundry and had some good quality time with David and Asher.  Kira and I then jumped over to Spikerbase for psychicmayhem 's Cthulhu Live! game.  I wasn't nearly as successful as I would have liked to have been, but things could have probably gone worse.  In any case, I had a blast.  Thank you, Stu-Stu.

After the game, I went over to my parents' house to spend the night because I had to sing at their church at both services and be at the church at a knee-quivering early time.  I crashed on the couch (after washing the black spray out of my hair, OMG), but was woken up before my alarm went off by the house phone.
As it turns out, Grandpa was being taken to the emergency room because he wasn't doing well.  He was finally diagnosed with a blocked colon which had, apparently, been a problem for two years (which I would think would kill you just because of all the toxins hanging out in there).  They are now pumping his stomach to move stuff out of him...hoping that will work because the only other option is surgery...and he's 98.
I figure if he's ready to go, he'll die, but he's stubborn enough to stick around, if that is what he wants.  I'm just worried about my Mom and aunt.  We'll see, though. My grandpa is pretty awesome, though, he was "charming the nurses" when they brought him into the ER on Sunday...unfortunately now, he seems to not be remembering why he is in the hospital and all the pain he was in on Saturday and memory issues have never been an issue with him.

My parents drove out to be with him and left me to take care of the house, the dogs, and my 18 year old brother while they're gone.  So for the rest of the week, I've moved in.  I think Izzy and the kids will be joining me at some point (either this evening or tomorrow).  Mom also put my other brother, David, and me in charge of directing the youth choir while she was gone, which was fun.  My voice was so tired, though, because all of these kids are in elementary school, so they all sing Soprano.  While singing along with them, I was exclusively using my falsetto the entire time (otherwise, they have a tendency of trying to sing in my Bass range).  It was fun, I won't lie, but I wouldn't look forward to doing it every week.

I hung out with the Sunday crew later on Sunday and made Super Mario Bros. sounds as I gyrated.  I also pointed at it.  We just hung-out and goofed off, which was fun.  I almost fell asleep on their couch, too, but I made it out of there and back to my parents' house. 

I was, however, prevented from going to sleep because the dogs refused to go upstairs while Jon was taking bong hits in the bathroom.  He either just doesn't care, or thinks everyone is an idiot...that bathroom wreaks of tepid bong water; we know what you are doing.  Anyway, when he finished and was cleaning up, the dogs came upstairs and I was able to go to sleep.  I now will have the distinct pleasure of dismantling his gravity bong and throwing out with the trash (thanks for that directive, Mom).

Jon's habits wouldn't be such a problem if he didn't revolve his entire day around it.  Go out, go to a party and take a hit, sure...but spending 2-3 hours in the bathroom, twice a day, is a bit excessive.  Dude also had $150 of pot confiscated from him and flushed down the toilet by Mom and Dad and was trying to tell me that buying it in bulk was a better deal.  Not at the rate of attrition, dumbass.  He then had the gaul to ask Mom for cash so he could buy some razors shaving. 

I'd be upset at him for it, but Mom gave him the money.

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Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Subject:I Currently Have No Use For This...
Time:11:59 am.

And it isn't that I want to have a reason to use this (or anyone for that matter), but I think it is a creatively, hilarious and awesome idea.



Let me know if you end up sending some to anybody.
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Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Time:2:26 pm.

I can't decide my feelings on this:

There are more here at http://niccageaseveryone.blogspot.com/ 
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Subject:Is There a Pill for That?
Time:10:48 am.
The kids were in bed and I was downstairs with Kira, chatting with her and sorting through my L5R cards.  Izzy was upstairs and had the radio tuned to Hot 95.5 or something akin to that (they play lots of electronic pop/R&B stuff).  I pretty much disliked most of the songs they played, especially Bad Romance (just because it is Lady Gaga, doesn't mean I have to like it).  So when they played it for a second time within an hour time frame, I got frustrated because the song was boring itself into my mind...sort of like Leonard Nimoy's Ballad of Bilbo Baggins (except I can stand that).

In my frustration, I tried to flip off the music that was floating down the stairs and accidentally made the metal.  After trying once more to give the song the bird and failing, I screamed in annoyed frustration, "I can't fuck things anymore!"

...Which implies an entirely different issue.  Anyway, I devoted some time switching my hand signals from the metal to the middle finger with a look of furious concentration.  Izzy thought this was the best thing ever.

Anyway, I was curious if anybody had that problem.  Have you ever tried to hand out the tall man but instead gestured in a way you didn't expect?
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Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Subject:Avatar Funny
Time:1:56 pm.
Potential Spoilers...sorryCollapse )
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Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Subject:Zombie Knowledge and Christmas
Time:11:22 am.
Aeris – Zombies come and get ya and kill ya.
Me – (a little shocked) Ah, ok. Anything else you want to tell me about zombies?
Aeris – You can shoot them and kill them.
Me – (testing her zombie knowledge) Where do you shoot them?
Aeris – Well, when you see them that’s where you shoot them.

Aeris - Be careful of corners, Mommy.  Zombies like to hide there.  In the dark.

Christmas was enjoyable, although I didn't spend enough time at home, so my house is kind of a wreck.  Dirty dishes, mail, laundry, toys, etc.  Last night was trash night, and I hauled a bunch of crap out to the curb, so that was nice (never thought I'd think that).

The four things I'm most excited about receiving this year are:

-This sweet-ass guitar shirt from Fred and Tara.  I need to learn how to play something on it...seriously.  Thank you, guys.
-A carbonator.  It turns tap water into bubble water.  I use it, pretty much, every day and have plans to try and carbonate juice, iced tea, and chocolate milk (don't try and tell me it won't be delicious).  I received a bunch of soda syrups for it, too, but I prefer just sparkling water to soda stuff...or just pouring a bit of juice in it.  I also enjoy making Italian sodas with Torani syrups (which World Market sells for fairly cheap).
-A hoodie from a Hungarian clothing designer.  My Mom and I found a booth in Occoquan selling their wares and we really enjoyed the products.  She bought a purse and purchased a hoodie for me.  They go around taking photographs (mostly in Europe) and then silk-screen them onto clothing and they look so cool.
-A bracelet similar to this.  I bought it at a craft show and gave it to Izzy to give to me for Christmas.

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Monday, December 21st, 2009

Subject:Weekend, Snow, Update, Etc
Time:2:57 pm.
It snowed a lot and my car and driveway got plowed in, like everybody elses.  What was awesome, though, was that the neighborhood all pooled together to shovel out everything...we have great neighbors, seriously.

The kiddos had fun playing in the snow...David finally got it on Sunday.  Yes it is cold and yes you get uncomfortable, but it is also a ton of fun.  He kept taking his gloves off when they got snow on them on Saturday, so he only lasted about ten minutes before he wanted to go in.  On Sunday he was out for hours.  He really enjoys eating snow, so I had to spend some time explaining to him where it was ok to take it from (yeah, I know, snowflakes form around virus cells and tiny dust specks, but the whole sky seems like it turned into a giant shaved ice maker).  I also taught him how to take the snow off of his gloves without taking his gloves off and how to clean dirt off of his jacket with snow.

We celebrated Christmas with Izzy's parents on Sunday and had a good time.  The van did get stuck, twice, in their neighborhood, but we made it home alright.

On Friday nobody showed up, understandably, due to the snow, but that just meant more cookies, eggnog and beer for Izzy and me.  We ended up working on Christmas cards and watching two Christmas movies (Die Hard 2 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang).

Also, Happy Solstice and a happy 6 year anniversary to my Wifey and me.  6 years, 3 kids, 4 houses, 2 cars....Anyway, we're together and still in love, so that's good.

Finally, this:


Best?  Nay, majestic.
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Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Time:5:41 pm.
We're looking at adopting a puppy for the kids this Christmas...stay tuned!
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Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Subject:L5R Cards I'd Like
Time:4:56 pm.
Mostly for Blake (and myself), as he requested it (it is long, so choose whatever you feel like off of it, if you feel so inclined), but if any others be interested, here's what I'm looking for in no particular order:

Listy-ListCollapse )

The list is longer than I anticipated, but at least I have it down so I know what I still want.
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Subject:Koku Order Form Update
Time:4:42 pm.
Still Celestial stuff, but they've updated the list a bit.

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Monday, December 14th, 2009

Subject:...In Hell!
Time:5:48 pm.
B-Dubs was not awful, although 30 minutes for a drink order is not cool. Also, having delicious food brought to your table that is intended for another table is torturous when you’ve been waiting for 2 hours for food. And then when your food does arrive, it is cold/stale/missing key parts/etc…that kinda sucks, too. As does 7 bucks for a beer. I did enjoy myself, though…mainly the company, me thinks.

Boondock Saints was enjoyable, although some of the dialogue, editing, stylistic decisions seemed forced, if that makes any sense. Sort of like, “hey, we did this in the last movie and it was awesome, we should do it again.” Also, the gay jokes were a little over-the-top at points, which I guess falls into the “forced” category because they felt more natural in the first one. Other than that, the movie was awesome. I think 90% of it was just pure fan service (the non-sexual kind…which, I guess is called “Pandering to the Base”, but that phrase is large and cumbersome) with 8% story history and 2% meta-plot. I was laughing and enjoying myself through most of it.

What a day. Izzy went to work, and I got up with the kiddos and basically got everything ready for the rest of the day. We went to the Advent Festival and I was given a part of the trio to sing, so that was cool. We sang a bunch of Christmas carols, ate some homemade apple sauce and Aeris litteraly FREAKED OUT when Santa visited. She followed him around and was showing him all of the cool crafts she had made. David was a little too tired to care, but enjoyed the goody bag from Santa all the same.

After the festival, we packed up and headed out to Ashburn where Izzy got drunk off her ass. It had been over a year since she was able to just down drinks, so she had a blast, and apparently, told everyone that she loves me, and why she loves me, and other embarrassing stories, I’m sure. Thanks to Tini and Blake for inviting us out, we had a great time! Also, thanks, again, Kristin, for shouldering all of the crap we carried up the three flights of stairs. After getting home, unpacking the van, feeding Asher/trying to settle her, and various other things, I finally went to sleep sometime after 6 in the morning.

I got up with the kids (who slept in until 10…thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou) and made them a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, vegetarian sausage patties, and hot cocoa (at Aeris’ suggestion). While making breakfast, I have discovered another thing to add to the list of “Times When it is Probably Acceptable to Curse Loudly in Front of Small Children”: When your carton of eggs falls on the floor, just before you were about to put them in the skillet. I stopped myself in time, and luckily, enough survived to make breakfast! The rest of the day was spent finishing the Christmas tree, putting away decoration boxes, cleaning the basement, and watching a marathon of Indiana Jones movies.

I ordered some pizza and the kiddos and I ate that at the coffee table downstairs while watching The Last Crusade and I totally had a flashback to my youth of Sunday night pizza and movies with my parents. It was always a treat to get pizza and eat it at the coffee table while watching a rented video. I remember being introduced to Indiana Jones on those nights, so that was a pretty cool moment for me to see my kids sort of doing the same thing. When I saw them, I was around 5 or 6, which puts Aeris around my brother’s age when he saw them with me, so I didn’t feel I was administering them to anything they shouldn’t be watching.

Izzy got a little upset at me when I turned on Raiders while Aeris was in the room (at that point, I was still cleaning, and Aeris was playing with a doll house in the corner). I countered with the argument that Raiders was rated PG, and that she lets them watch Hellboy, which is rated PG-13 (I know, I know, the magical PG-13 hadn’t been created back then) and Hellboy has the word “hell” in the title. She then said that people’s faces melted off at the end of the movie and that gave her nightmares when she saw it. We ended up watching them and the kids didn’t have a problem with it (and weren’t paying attention when the Nazi goes through the propeller). They both liked them, so we’ll see if they request Indiana Jones now, instead of other films.

Izzy put the kids to bed while I reconstructed a Mantis deck that David dismantled (he combined all three of them and I was very sad)…I accidently stayed up way too late doing that (and watching Bruce Willis murder people in Izzy’s favorite Christmas movie), so I need to go to bed early tonight.

P.S.- I don’t have the fourth installment of Indiana Jones films, so I only watched the original three, and let me tell you, I was surprised any more came out after Temple of Doom. The-campy-over-the-topness + rubber-raft-bullshit makes Crystal Skulls look tame. Seriously.

P.P.S. – Best lines, “Prepare to meet Kali…IN HELL!” and “…so he won’t be joining us for the rest of his life.” And “…Hans, boobie…” I was cracking up until I went to sleep from that.
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Friday, December 11th, 2009

Subject:Quote of the Evening
Time:11:45 am.
"No, Bette Midler, not Batman."
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Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Subject:You Gonna Get Graped!
Time:4:41 pm.
Ok, what the fuck.


"Each bottle of this delicious carbonated grape drink is crafted with care... and a slight feeling of breathless anticipation. As Tentacle Grape™ slides smoothly down your throat you'll feel refreshed and full."
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LiveJournal for Arthur.

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