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I thought I would never get a Facebook, but I did, and now I never post stuff here.  I think it is customary to bitch about stuff that happens on FB on LJ.

So, I friended a bunch of people that I don't really talk to on a regular basis on FB: old classmates, former thespians, family members, family friends, and a shit-ton of Avalonians.

I got a message today from one:

"hey tim wanted me to get up with you and see if you still had all the old iron guantlet relics from years ago??? if so to see if we could get those back a few of them are trying to finish plots with em. So if you do cool and let me know a time we could meet so i could get em. if not let me know.

better note......HOWS LIFE!!!??? booya

Miss ya"

I sent this back to him:

"I've moved three times and had as many kids since I've touched any "Iron Gauntlet Relics". I, honestly, don't have the time to go searching for all of that stuff, wherever it may be.

Not to shoot the messenger, or anything, but my interactions with staff last time I went were less than acceptable. I had a great time interacting with the players, but (the majority of) staff attitudes really soured my experience. I had a lot of fun playing Avalon years ago; I met some truly amazing people (my wife included) with the game and have some awesome memories because of it, but I'm basically done with it and have no time for the game anymore. My attitude could change in the future based on the way my family, monetary, and time commitments go.

I don't think Avalon owes me anything. They provided a product, which I paid for. By that same logic, nor do I owe anything to Avalon. We parted ways awhile ago. And even though I do not agree with some of the things that go on and happened with the game, I still wish them well and hope they can provide the magic for players that I once enjoyed.

If you'd like, you can pass my well wishes on to the staff and other players, as well as the sentiments in this message. I'm sorry you're the go between guy on was probably a little awkward to have to send the message. If Tim would like to contact me further, my email address hasn't changed."

Have players asked similar questions before?  Yes, and one staff member under the guise of hating on Avalon (I think he still staffs for them).  My answer has always pretty much been the same (I don't have time for it) and the questions have always started with the same "Tim wanted me to..." entry line.  I always feel a little insulted that Tim used friendships I have had to try and get something from me and not just send the message himself.  Do I feel bad about having some of the props that I do?  Not really.  Someone put a lot of effort into making them and I feel bad that they are stuffed into a random box instead of being used.  However, I also put a lot of effort and money into that game.  The things I have, I worked for and earned. 

Another way to look at it is this: Instead of being in a band, I joined the Iron Gauntlet; instead of a college diploma, I have the Shaine Tome; I paid them dollars and now I have a bag full of fake gold.  Give and take and om.  Priorities change, and mine no longer lie with the game that allowed me to escape into a magical world for a weekend; one that gave me the family and friends I adore, and I'm ok with that...I think they should be, too.
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