Arthur (inner_salvation) wrote,

A Couple of Things

I’m leaving tomorrow to head up to Indiana with my Dad to check on Grandpa and bring Mom back home. We’ll return on Friday and I plan on going into work on Saturday to make up some of the time. It will be good to see him and some of my other family who I never see.

My fridge has started making noise when the compressor/fan/whatever turns off. So we’re looking at getting a new fridge. Exciting!

My Dad bought a new TV which is awesome, because it means I get the old TV…and by old TV, I mean a 1080p CRT Sony flat screen (which isn’t old at all, just outdated by newer LCD/plasma/LED technology). I think it is 40 inches, maybe a little bigger…whatever, I’m excited. The thing is a pig, though…it weighs around the 250 lb mark and has precious little in the way of handles. I’m thinking of going and getting something on Blu-Ray to watch on it tonight as I pack to leave.

Uh…my boss is handing me things that she normally takes care of which probably means something. Hopefully good things and not that she thinks I’m not busy…because I totally am.

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