Arthur (inner_salvation) wrote,

Weekend, Snow, Update, Etc

It snowed a lot and my car and driveway got plowed in, like everybody elses.  What was awesome, though, was that the neighborhood all pooled together to shovel out everything...we have great neighbors, seriously.

The kiddos had fun playing in the snow...David finally got it on Sunday.  Yes it is cold and yes you get uncomfortable, but it is also a ton of fun.  He kept taking his gloves off when they got snow on them on Saturday, so he only lasted about ten minutes before he wanted to go in.  On Sunday he was out for hours.  He really enjoys eating snow, so I had to spend some time explaining to him where it was ok to take it from (yeah, I know, snowflakes form around virus cells and tiny dust specks, but the whole sky seems like it turned into a giant shaved ice maker).  I also taught him how to take the snow off of his gloves without taking his gloves off and how to clean dirt off of his jacket with snow.

We celebrated Christmas with Izzy's parents on Sunday and had a good time.  The van did get stuck, twice, in their neighborhood, but we made it home alright.

On Friday nobody showed up, understandably, due to the snow, but that just meant more cookies, eggnog and beer for Izzy and me.  We ended up working on Christmas cards and watching two Christmas movies (Die Hard 2 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang).

Also, Happy Solstice and a happy 6 year anniversary to my Wifey and me.  6 years, 3 kids, 4 houses, 2 cars....Anyway, we're together and still in love, so that's good.

Finally, this:


Best?  Nay, majestic.
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